Award Descriptions

Curtis McCullom Award

In honor of Curtis McCullom, this prestigious award is given to an individual who exemplifies sterling qualities of Christian character, ministerial preparation, leadership qualities, and musical achievement. The recipient of this award has made or is making valuable contributions to the development and enrichment of acappella music in the church and for the advancement of choirs. This individual selflessly gives of his or her time and talent for the kingdom of Christ.

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Dr. Bethel Smith Award

In honor of Dr. Bethel Smith, The recipient of this award has provided and is providing exemplary leadership qualities to train and empower individuals to serve and lead communities to positive change. This individual has a love for God, education and mankind. His or Her extraordinary dedication and commitment to church, education and public service has made a tremendous impact on communities and the church. The person whose name is on this award did not look for personal attention but shared their light that others might shine and find their way.

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Willie Norwood Award

This award will honor and recognize a person who displays exceptional leadership qualities which inspire, motivate, and challenge others to exert their best effort to realize a vision or goal. The individual who receives this award has musical abilities, creates a compelling vision for the future of music ministry, clarifies it by influencing others to see its reality through the eyes of faith and inspires a high level of commitment from others when taking on new innovative approaches to spread acappella music throughout the world.

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Lisa Dright Spirit Award

In honor of Lisa Dright, the worthy recipient of this award shares the mantle of Lisa’s legacy as a cheerful unobtrusive, unselfish person with a cooperative spirit of faithfulness and love for music and mankind. From childhood to the date of her passing, Lisa’s contributions to the church and community through their involvement, service, and leadership in music ministry exhibited boundless energy, contagious enthusiasm, and a capacity to energize all involve in music ministry. For it is those unique qualities which serve to insure the prosperity, future, security, and heart of acappella music ministry worldwide.

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The Sing-A-Rama Lifetime Achievement Award

The Sing-A-Rama Lifetime Achievement Award, established in 2015, is the highest distinguished award recognition of the Sing-A-Rama Music Conference. The award recognizes only those extraordinary individuals who are committed and have deeply influenced and significantly contributed to the vision, direction, and growth of music ministry and community service. The recipient of this award has significantly contributed talents and/or services to the development and perpetuation of choral groups and has faithfully demonstrated a lifetime of servant leadership. In addition, through their daily example, illuminates and reinforces the significance of the values found in music and community ministries. This award is given to an individual who have dedicated more than 10 years of service to music ministry and community service.

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